These Friends Facts Will Make You Fall In Love With The Show All Over Again


The 90s are known for bright colored clothes, boy bands, and the TV show Friends. These 6 friends entered our living rooms and our hearts over 10 seasons between September, 1994 and May, 2004. No matter who you were, you could relate to at least one of the main characters whether you were the nerd (Ross), the pretty girl (Rachel), the cool guy (Joey), the weird one (Phoebe), the sarcastic one (Ross), or the motherly one (Monica).

The show grew a huge fanbase throughout its 10 years on air. Friends reruns play on repeat even 13 years later so many superfans have seen each episode dozens of times. But no matter how many times you have seen the show, you probably still have never heard of these shocking facts.

Here’s a list of Friends facts you probably have never heard of. We saved the best for last…

Originally the show was called Insomnia Café.


We all may have been referring to the show we all know and love as Insomnia Café instead of Friends. The creators of Friends, David Crane and Marta Kauffman, initially wrote a seven-page pilot for a show called Insomnia Café back in the early ’90s.

The premise was mainly the same except instead of Ross and Rachel being the key relationship, it was Joey and Monica. The show’s name changed a few more times to names like Across the Hall and Six of One. When the show premiered on September 22, 1994, the creators had finally landed on Friends.

Every episode was filmed in front of a live audience except for cliffhangers. 


Even though shooting an episode of Friends could take up to five hours, it was always shot in front of a live studio audience. Perry has been quoted as saying “Our energy just elevates every time there’s an audience.” But not all episodes included a live studio audience. For example the season four finale, “The One With Ross’s Wedding.”

At the end of that episode, Ross is at the alter about to marry Emily when he accidentally says Rachel’s name. “We couldn’t have an audience for that,” Aniston said. “We always remove the audience for the cliffhangers because, obvious reasons, you don’t want to spoil it.”

The apartment numbers switched during the series.


If you noticed this fact then you’re definitely a Friends superfan. At the beginning of the series, Monica’s apartment door was labeled with a 5 on it. The producers later realized that it would not make sense for her apartment to be labeled 5 as she lived many floors up in her apartment building. The show later changed her apartment number from 5 to 20 and Chandler’s apartment number from 4 to 19.

Joey’s Magna Doodle art became a job for the crew.


You probably never noticed but the Magna Doodle on Joey’s door changed every episode. But who came up with the drawings? The show assigned a few crew members to draw on the Magna Doodle every new episode. As the years went on the honor was given to Paul Swain, one of the members on the electric crew. Eventually, superfans began to get excited to see what the drawing would be next — even obsessing over hidden messages that may have made their waytoo the drawings.

The story of Phoebe carrying her brother’s triplets was written into the show because Lisa Kudrow was pregnant in real life.


Remember that bizarre plot line where Phoebe agreed to carry her brother and the mom from That 70’s Show‘s babies? Strange way to take her character, right? Well, it was actually to cover up the fact that Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) got pregnant in real life. Instead of trying to hide her character’s belly for the entire season, they included a plot where she got pregnant in the show as well!

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