‘Scrubs’ Facts Every Fan Of The Show Must Memorize



Over a nine-year period, the quirky cast of characters at Sacred Heart Hospital thrilled sitcom fans. “J.D.” Dorian and his friends and colleagues guided us through their daily lives while learning about medicine, finding love, and living lives full of heartbreak, triumphs, and some hilarious antics.

Whether J.D. was diving further into his bromance with Dr. Christopher Turk or attempting to win over Dr. Elliot Reid, there was never a shortage of funny moments at Sacred Heart Hospital.

If you’re a fan of “Scrubs” you’ll love these interesting and fun facts from the hit TV series.

Sacred Heart Hospital Is Real

Scrubs Wikia

Instead of building a massive hospital set the producers of the show filmed inside a real hospital. The North Hollywood Medical Center was abandoned and it offered the perfect opportunity to film on the cheap. The writers room was located in the former psychiatric ward. Former patients would stop by the set hoping to receiving medical advice.

Every Storyline Was Reviewed By Real Doctors


Real doctors served as consultants on “Scrubs.” While the TV show was full of quirky moments, producers still wanted scientifically accurate medical facts to be used. A cardiologist consulting for the show was named Jonathan Doris and another was Jon Turk.

An X-Ray Mistake In The Opening Credits


The X-ray sign that was featured in the opening sequence of the show was wrong for five seasons. If you pay attention you’ll notice that the x-ray was backwards. Eventually, urologist Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks) walks in, proclaims, “It’s been bugging me for years,” and flips the x-ray over.

J.D. And Elliot’s Stunt Doubles Fell In Love


It wasn’t just TV love occurring on the set of Scrubs. The real-life people who played the stunt doubles for J.D. and Elliot fell in love and got married in real life.

Dr. Cox’s Teasing Was Taken From Real Life


When Dr. Cox would engage with J.D. he would often call him girls names. From Abby to Zsa Zsa, there was no lack of girly names. It turns out the actor, John C. McGinley, used those same names for a close friend of his — actor John Cusack. J.D. suffered through the barrage of girly names for years but Cusack is putting up with it for his entire life — poor guy.

Ted’s A Cappella Group Performs In Real Life


A running gag on the show features Ted and his group of A Cappella performers named “The Worthless Peons.” It turns out that group is real! They perform as “The Blanks” and even recorded a music video for the musical episode “Guy Love.” They are also a sketch comedy troupe.

The Janitor Ad-Libbed Most Of His Lines


Neil Flynn masterfully portrayed the role of “The Janitor” on “Scrubs” and most of his funny moments were made up on the spot. “Sometimes a script would show up and when Neil enters it would just say (Neil makes up something and then exits),” Zach Braff explained during a Reddit AmA.

The Janitor Was Supposed To Be Part Of J.D.’s Imagination



While Flynn’s character became an integral part of the “Scrubs” storyline, he wasn’t supposed to be seen by the rest of the cast. Originally, Flynn was written in as a figment of his imagination. In fact, in the first season, he only talks to J.D. When the show’s writers realized how funny he was, they expanded his role.

Judy Reyes Fractured Her Pelvis Right Before The Musical Episode

Carla and Turk performed an amazing tango during the show’s musical episode. Making the dance even more impressive was the fact that actress Judy Reyes had fractured her pelvis right before filming began.

Men Performed Risqué Scenes Just As Much As The Women


When show creator Bill Lawrence started hiring actresses he made them a promise. “One of the things I swore to the female actors on the show was ‘You guys will have to be in skimpy lingerie and doing sexy shit, but I promise you for every time one of you guys is like that one of the male characters will be like that.'” All of a sudden, The Todd’s frequent banana hammock appearances make a lot more sense.

Nurse Laverne Roberts Was Killed Off Prematurely


Writers on the show killed nurse Laverne Roberts because they thought the show was going to be canceled. After they realized “Scrubs” would continue filming, they hired back Aloma Wright as Laverne’s twin sister, Shirley.

Bill Lawrence Made Cameo Appearances


The janitor that is cleaning up outside of the hospital after the eighth season finale montage is series creator Bill Lawrence. The show’s creator made a handful of cameo’s during the filming of the TV series.

There’s A “Scrubs” Reunion During The Cougar Town Credits

Bill Lawrence was the creator of “Cougar Town” but “Scrubs” obviously had a special place in his heart. The opening sequence of “Cougar Town” features a “Scrubs” reunion.

Zach Braff Despises Appletinis

Porch Drinking

J.D. loved his appletinis on “Scrubs” but in real life, he’s a fan of a single craft beer — Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Regardless, we’re sure he helped increase the sale of appletinis during his time on the show.

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