These ‘The Simpsons’ Facts Will Make You Feel Like The Ultimate Superfan

The Simpsons

Cue the clouds departing as “The Simpsons” is chanted through your TV screen. You’re immediately guided through the city of Springfield only to land at the couch at 742 Evergreen Terrace. That’s right, it’s time to tune in to everybody’s idiotic father, loving mother, bratty son, genius daughter, and evil baby. No, we’re not talking about Family Guy.

The Simpsons has become more than just a cartoon over its 28 years on TV, and is seen more as the show that defined a generation. While you may have watched every one of its 600+ episodes, there’s still a ton you probably don’t know about this iconic show. So strap in and get ready to have your minds blown as we take you on a trip through Springfield.

Let’s start with an abandoned plot line tying Krusty and Homer together that would have made for a different show…

Krusty The Clown was originally created to be Homer’s secret identity


Have you ever noticed how Krusty The Clown looks strikingly similar to Homer? Same head shape. Same five-o’clock shadow. Same beer belly. That’s no coincidence. The writers of the show have stated that they were going for a satirical conceit that The Simpsons was about “a kid who had no respect for his father, but worshiped a clown who looked exactly like his father.” The writers also wanted to work into the show that Krusty The Clown was actually Homer’s secret identity, but decided not to go down that route as it complicated the show.

“D’oh!” is a real word in the Oxford English Dictionary.



Homer Simpson is best known for saying his funny catchphrase “D’oh!” whenever he’s caught in an idiotic situation. But this is not just a catchphrase! “D’oh!” was added to the Oxford Dictionary of English in 1998 as an interjection. The formal definition is “(usually [in a manner] mildly derogatory) used to comment on an action perceived as foolish or stupid.” But you won’t find “D’oh!” in The Simpsons script. Instead, it just says “annoyed grunt.”

Did you know that The Simpsons could run for another 100 years? Keep reading for more details on that fun fact.

It takes 6 months to make a single Simpsons episode


Although we see continuous Simpsons episodes year after year without lag, it takes a while to create each episode. In fact, it takes up to 6 months! This is one of the biggest reasons the show does not comment on current events like some of its cartoon counterparts like South Park.

In 1998, TIME Magazine named Bart Simpson one of the most influential people of the century


In 1999, TIME Magazine put out an issue called “Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century” in which they listed the most influential people of the 20th century. The people you would expect to be on the list were included: Albert Einstein, Mahatma Ghandi, Franklin D. Roosevelt, etc. But there was one name on the list you wouldn’t have expected: Bart Simpson. Bruce Handy, a TIME writer, defended the choice by saying, “I don’t see how you can look at this century and not include cartoons. They’re one of our great contributions, along with jazz and film.”

All characters on The Simpsons have just 4 fingers on each hand except one with five: God.

Villains Wikia

In case you were like me and haven’t even realized all of The Simpson‘s characters only have 4 fingers, then that alone is a mind-blowing fact. Now, let’s throw the curveball in! The only character on The Simpsons that has 5 fingers is God. Makes sense, right? The all-mighty has a literal one-up on the human race. It’s a shame, though, that God can’t give a high-five to anybody.

The Simpsons holds the record for longest running Primetime Animated TV Series


Doesn’t it feel like The Simpsons has been around forever? There’s a reason. The show has been around since 1989 and holds the record for longest-running Primetime Animated TV Series. With over 600 episodes and known for having the Most Guest Stars Featured in a Television Series, The Simpsons has become one of the most iconic cartoon series’ of all time.

What’s the story behind the classic Simpsons couch gag? Read on …

Fox owns the rights to The Simpsons until 2082


When you have a TV show winner like The Simpsons, you hold on to it for as long as you can, right? That’s exactly what Fox Entertainment believes as well, as they own the rights to the cartoon until 2082! Luckily, the characters on the show don’t age, so we’ll still see young Bart skateboarding down the street even 60 years from now.

A competition winner was given a full-scale replica of the Simpsons house. He took the money instead.


If you could live in The Simpsons’ house, would you do it? I’m not talking about the cartoon, I’m talking about a real-life replica of their house. This weird scenario actually came to life in 1997 when a retired factory worker won a to-scale Simpsons house replica. Spanning 2,200 sq/feet, the four-bedroom house was erected in Henderson, Nevada and took $120,000 to build. Unfortunately, the winner decided to take the money instead of the replica house and it was sold in 2001 without any of the Simpsons modeling.

It Took Danny Elfman just three days to compose The Simpsons’ theme song in 1989


The Simpsons Theme” goes down as one of the most popular TV show intro theme songs in history. Everybody loves to say the opening words of “The Simpsons” as the clouds part in the sky. It’s that catchy little jingle that stays in our heads as we hum it to ourselves for hours after hearing it. This historic jingle only took composer Danny Elfman 3 days to compose. Only THREE days! It’s been noted that “The Simpsons Theme” was one of the most popular compositions of his career.

The couch gag is a way to adjust the show’s running time to the necessary length.


One of the best parts of watching the opening credits on The Simpsons is the scene where the entire family shuffles into the living room to sit on the couch. The “couch gag” changes from episode to episode, sometimes stretching as long as a minute long. Many believe it’s the show stretching their creativity, but it’s actually a way to adjust the show’s running time to the necessary length. If it’s a particularly short episode, they make a longer couch gag, like that extra-long circus-themed one that literally everybody remembers.

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