Totally Crazy And Fun ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Facts

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” has aired for 12 glorious seasons, not a bad run for a TV show that first debuted with a $200 budget before growing into one of the most popular “cult” TV shows in history. The Paddy’s Pub gang are crude, selfish, shocking, and always funny.

With Danny DeVito helping bring critical acclaim to the TV series and actors on the show actually married to each other in real life, the sitcom may seem disconnected from reality but it’s ultimately a family affair.

If you’ve been watching “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” for years or you just started a binge-watching marathon on Netflix, you’ll love learning some of the crazier and most shocking facts from the popular cable TV show.

It Was Supposed To Be Called “Jerks”

FX Network

The original pilot was called “It’s Always Sunny On TV” but the show was called “Jerks.” The show’s producers realized “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” offered a nice amount of sarcasm to the show and “Jerks” was quickly replaced. Writers on the show were offered $500 to come up with a better title but nothing ever stuck.

Charlies Writes Most Of The Songs We Hear


There are a ton of hilarious musical numbers on the TV show. The song’s written for the episodes, Sweet Dee Is Dating A Retarded Person, The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award, and the hilarious The Nightman Cometh, was written by Charlie Day. Glenn Howerton says the rest of the writers attempt to help with song’s but Charlie almost always takes over the creative process. Among his crowning achievements are songs like “Dayman” and “Go F*ck Yourselves: have become instant classics.

For your viewing pleasure:

Fred Savage Was Director And Producer For 18 Episodes

It’s Always Sunny Wikia

Fred Savage is best known for his roles in “The Wonder Years” and “The Princess Bride.” He was also the Director and Producer for 18  episodes of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” Savage has been a part of Sunny, Party Down and Modern Family, in recent years.  Savage stopped direction the TV series after season five but stayed on to produce a few more episodes.

The Show Was On The Brink Of Cancellation

FX Networks

When “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” debuted on the relatively new FX in 2005 it was quickly threatened with cancellation.

Rob McElhenney explained the nearly devastating situation to the Hollywood Reporter:

We knew that no one was watching the show, and the network said that we needed to bring in someone with cachet to draw attention. They didn’t really have the marketing budget at the time to blanket the airwaves.

The cast worked to seduce a big name for the show and eventually their answer was found in Danny DeVito.

The McPoyles Are Based On A Real Life Family


The McPoyle family is based off an actually family creator Rob McElhenney knew growing up in Philadelphia. In all fairness to the family, the real-life McPoyle’s are not psychotic and inbred like they are on the show. McElhenney notes that the there are a lot of McPoyle family members which allowed him to draw a ton of inspiration.

Rob McElhenney’s Developed Fat Mac

FX Networks
When season seven started Ronald ‘Mac’ McDonald gained nearly fifty pounds of fat. That decision provided a ton of hilarious moments throughout the season has his friends continually mocked their obese buddy. The weight gain was thought up by Rob McElhenney, who decided to gain the weight against the wishes of the rest of the cast. McElhenney would eat everything in sight to gain the wait needed to make the weight gain believable. By season eight he was back in shape.

Here’s a video of Rob talking about his transformation:

Danny DeVito Only Filmed For 20 Days During Season 2


Danny DeVito’s presence on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” helped skyrocket the TV show into the stratosphere. The show’s oddball millionaire is loved and hated by his fans at the same time. When DeVito prepared for season two of the series, he was only available for 20 days of shooting. Producers and the rest of the crew scrambled to prepare and shoot 10 full episodes in those 20 days of availability. He is apparently the show’s biggest fan and is always willing to do anything crazy for laughs, including emerging from a couch liner completely naked.

The Showrunners For Game Of Thrones Wrote An Episode

In season nine of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” the show runners and writers for “Game of Thrones” wrote an episode. D.B. Weiss and David Benioff” are both huge fans of the show and thought writing and directing an episode would be a ton of fun. The episode, “Flowers For Charlie” saw Charlie transformed into a Mandarin-speaking super genius after taking an experimental drug.

Glenn Howerton Slowly Turned Dennis Into A Full-Blown Sociopath


Dennis has become increasingly sociopathic over the last few seasons and that’s exactly how Howerton planned it. Howerton says he always knew his character would go full-on sociopathic.

I always knew he was socio, I just wasn’t ready to go all the way with it at first. It’s been fun to tease it out and let it build over the years.

They Never Drink On Set

Howerton hosted an AMA on Reddit where he was asked about drinking on the set of the TV show.

‘We NEVER drink on set. It’s “bad for insurance” and we would NEVER want to put the show at risk…. NEVER!!!!!’.

Watch previous episodes of the show and this just makes Kaitlin Olson’s drunken performances all the more magical.

Danny DeVito’s Kids Convinced Him To Join The Cast

Project Casting

Mac And Dee Are Married In Real Life

Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson, better known to their fans as “Mac and “Dee” are married in real life! The couple dated for two years and then got married on September 27, 2008. They couple dated for a few years while filming the TV series and they now have two sons together.

Charlie And The Waitress Are Also Married

FX Networks
Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis are happily married with kids in real life despite their horrible on-screen relationship. Ellis plays ‘The Waitress’, the woman who Charlie loves despite her hatred of his entire lifestyle. The married couple started dating 2004 after they played incestuous twins on an episode of Reno 911. That sounds very “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”

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